The Rumor is Out


Friday night was teh proudest teaching moment I’ve ever had. We put on our play, Gossip, and it was just the craziest whirlwind madness. Tickets had sold out by Friday morning. Kids and friends were asking all day how they could get in. It is only the second event to ever sell out in our school’s history. It was also the only event in our school’s history to give me diarhea. 

We were so behind in getting ready because of the school throwing all kinds of roadblocks our way, that when we took the stage at 7pm the paint was still wet on the set. But when the lights went down the kids went into business mode. Two hours later we concluded our show.

I couldn’t believe how well it had gone off. I didn’t even tell my family we were doing it until the day before because Ithought it was going to be horrible.

I  couldn’t wait to get to school Monday morning and see the kids. They were so proud of themselves. After the play they all went out to Hooters. “Reynolds, we’re all going out. Do you want to come with us?” “Where you going?” Hooters.” What would that sound like? “Wife, take the kids home. I’m going out with a bunch of students to Hooters.” Instead I went home and still couldn’t sleep. Too happy.


~ by captainawsome on March 29, 2010.

One Response to “The Rumor is Out”

  1. man, that’s fantastic. i love that you’re a teacher.

    i’d also love to work with you. any jobs?

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