Weird Friday

Today my class took their end of term exam. It didn’t take the entire period as I suspected. So I decided to do our first Weird Friday activity after the test. Post test time is always difficult to deal with because the kids have a hard time being quiet and I hassen to give them more work as they just completed a test. So as a part of the Weird Friday idea I’ve been working with I had them do the following task.

“The goal here is to help you to try new things and learn how doing that can help you to think in new ways and fight against the general monotany that sometimes comes with a daily routine. The assignment is purely volunteer and will not effect your grade.

This man (I shoot this picture up on the wall) is a taxi driver in New York City. He is apparently (according to my sources) a poet (non-published), a writer, an authorized notary public agent, a defensive driving instructor, and a “holder of many other skills.” In an attempt to honor this man, that none of us know, we will draw a picture of this gentleman. How well oyu draw is not important. Do the best you can. Hand it on at the end of class. I will then send these pictures to a particular gallery in Iowa City, Iowa, where they will be put on display with a number of other pictures of this man from around the globe. When the gallery showing is finished your drawings will be auctioned off to raise money for the art gallery. I will write a letter acompaning your drawings asking if the gallery owners will send us a picture of our drawings.

As far as I know this man has no idea this is going on.”


~ by captainawsome on November 6, 2009.

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