Weird Friday

There’s so much going on this year that I wish I had time to share, but life is too busy at the moment.

However, one thing we’ve been doing this year is Weird Friday. I’ve been trying to end each Friday class with someting strange and wonderful that the kids might not usually be exposed to. After witnessing the weirdness we might talk about it, but usually I time the class well enough so that the bell rings as soon as we are finished. I like the idea of just experiencing something without having to attach a lesson to it. The thought of just letting the kids take away what they want to take away without my thoughts and feelings justifying or explaining it. If kids want to talk about it later they may, but if they don’t I just leave it.

The last few Fridays we’ve watched some of the following. I’ve attached links incase you’ve never seen them before. Profanity was bleeped in class to ensure that my children will continue to eat.

Anis Mojgani: “Direct Order”

Guerilla Gardening

Sigur Ros: “Hoppipolla


~ by captainawsome on October 15, 2009.

One Response to “Weird Friday”

  1. i’m taking a course titled “teaching and learning: the having of wonderful ideas” and it’s all about this teaching method called critical exploration that i think you’d like.

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