Today is roughly the twelfth day of our Globe Theatre project. Yesterday I had kids in my room at 6 am. They didn’t leave until 5 pm. Most complained when I had to leave. But alas, I do have a son that I miss very much when I pull these long days. Man if I wasn’t married to such a great lady and didn’t have a son to come home to I don’t know if I would ever leave school. I might just set up a little cot in the back closet, take showers in the locker room… wait a minute that means I’d probably be eating cafeteria food all the time. Never mind.

This year there have been a number of things that didn’t really pan out (half made projects, absent kids, dodgeball assemblies!?), one kid asked me “when are we getting back to tests and quizzes?” Poor kid. There have been some rockin’ projects too. Real coffins, balconies, dressingrooms, stoops.  That’s right we have stoop. It looks like 227 in our room. Today is suppose to be the last day, but we’ll see.


~ by captainawsome on December 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “THE END IS NEAR!!!”

  1. Just started reading your blog and really like it. I’m 23 and have always thought about teaching – it is definitely cool to read about experiences in the classroom from the perspective through which I could be seeing in a few years. Good luck finishing the semseter.

  2. Give me pictures damnit

  3. Thanks for the kind words Ryan.

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